About us

We're students of networking and microinformatics. When the teachers offered us to participate in this project , we've decided to challenge us developing this webpage dealing with a very interesting topic for the society as well.

Jan Sánchez: The natural resources, specially water, have always worried me. I think they're a limited good, and the society isn't handaling this issue appropietly, and conciencing, I think is the least I could do. During my free time, I'm dedicated to learn new things related to computers that we're not dealing with on school.

Aaron Robak: I like all the things related to the world of ecology and natural environment. During my free time, I like to learn new things about the world of IT, for this reason, I was commited to do this project so I could expand my knowledge. I've made my best effort for focusing my knowledge in computers and ecology for creating nice content and cool website effects

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We've made huge efforts when it came to search information for offering you truthful and updated data

about natural environment from the planet we live in. Besides, this webpage has been

created from scratch using tecnologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

From the very beggining of the development, we've used SEO techniques

for having a better presence on internet and reaching more people every day

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